30 Jul 2015 in Visible Learners

Putting the expectations in front of learners keeps them, other adults and the teacher in touch with their current targets. Chris Chivers shares insights into describing and tracking children's learning process by creating active visible learners. Read more here.

21 Jul 2015 in Visible Learners

Developing visible learners who can articulate what they are learning, how they are doing and where to next can be taken to the next stage with technology. Watch this screencast by a Grade Seven student who describes how she is using her personal learning environment here.

16 Jul 2015 in Visible Learners

Learner agency is “the capability of individual human beings to make choices and act on these choices in a way that makes a difference in their lives”. To what extent are you enabling visible learners? Read more here.

30 Jun 2015 in Visible Learners

How do we move children from thinging about the products of learning to the process of learning? Terry Heick gives teachers a model to help them focus on developing visible learners in your schools. Read about it here.

26 Jun 2015 in Visible Learners

We need to ensure all students know what makes an effective learner. Have you captured thoughts from your students lately on what they think makes a great student? Mr Kemp has shared his Year 5 views. Listen more here.

25 Jun 2015 in Visible Learners

How do we create students who talk about what they are learning rather than what they are doing or their behavioural aspects of learning? Read a story about how a teacher has developed this in her students and really made learning visible here.

18 Jun 2015 in Visible Learners

Are we challenging our learners? Curiousity is a way to get kids "into the drivers seat" with their learning says Evie Malaia from the Centre for Mind, Brain and Education research Texas. Read more here.

11 Jun 2015 in Visible Learners

How can we foster a “purposeful learning” mindset as another way to motivate pupils to persevere in their studies so that when they encounter challenges, difficulty or things that could potentially be roadblocks to learning, it motivates them to persist and barrel through? Read more about this research study by a group at University of Pennsylvania here.

04 Jun 2015 in Visible Learners

26 May 2015 in Visible Learners

Pupils who learn to slow down and concentrate their fast-growing minds will reap rewards in every aspect of life, says Eleanor Doughty. Teaching mindfulness is building people's resilience and developing skills for life. Read more here.