12 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Brains don't switch off. Fact. So when a student turns their attention elsewhere, subconsciously they are still processing. This then may result in better problem-solving had they not become distracted. Adi Bloom looks at the science.

10 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

When students are part of reflecting on their own learning progress by using data to analyze strengths, weaknesses and patterns they are engaged in the process of their own improvement. This, say authors of Leaders of Their Own Learning is a powerful approach to learning. Read an except of their book here.

09 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Alex Rappaport was thrilled to see a fifth-grade student pitch her 'Retractable Heel' to a packed room,a culmination of Big Idea Week, his collaboration with Dumbo Improvement District. He shares his inspiring story.

08 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Stanford psychology Professor Carol Dweck says learners divide into two mindsets: fixed or growth. Advanced learning facilitator Kristin Mak looks at what this means for teachers and parents of learners.

05 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Education Consultant John McCarthy raises the issue of how one teacher can meet the learning needs for a diverse student population. Here he discusses three successful tactics for teachers.

04 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

When a student truly understands what they are learning the epiphany can be magical. William Reinsmith describes it as "a quiet wonder". Maryellen Weimer looks into the mystery of learning.

02 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

The new school year is a huge milestone for both children and teachers. The Times-Tribune shares a couple of new school year stories from the US.

01 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Preparing students for ongoing learning success needs to incorporate curriculum and extra-curriculum activities. The team at TeachThought have compiled their list of games to promote better peer-to-peer learning in the classroom.

29 Aug 2014 in Visible Learners

Kara Lubin, CEO and founder of 100 Mile Club tells the story of how success outside the classroom can create student academic success INside the classroom. Read her story here.

27 Aug 2014 in Visible Learners

Nine-year-old student Kid President Robbie Novak has had nearly 4 million views on his Pep Talk to Teachers and Students video on YouTube. See why here.