16 Dec 2015 in Effective Feedback

The power of feedback we know has the potential to double the speed of learning. How can we grade and assess in a way that provides hope to all students? Feedback must entice students to act on it-Do your practices do that? Read more here.

09 Dec 2015 in Effective Feedback

The crucial point for individuals in Carol Dweck's works about mindsets is that they have a large impact upon our understanding of success and failure and therefore feedback. This has impications for students and teachers. Read more here.

04 Nov 2015 in Effective Feedback

 Quality feedback should be accessible to a student – clear and concise, using familiar language from your lesson/classroom. To ensure learners make further progress we need ways to monitor how they have acted on their feedback and can articulate their next steps. Read more here.

28 Oct 2015 in Effective Feedback

John Hattie lists feedback as one of the most powerful influences for student acheivement. The notion of effective feedback has the potential to double the speed of learning as Dylan Wiliam's research shows is exemplified in this story from a New Zealand classroom. Read more here.

12 Oct 2015 in Effective Feedback


"Marking matters, its personal says @nataliehscott".  How do we ensure that learners get the same opportunities in each subject enabling them to receive and act upon feedback. Read more here.

05 Oct 2015 in Effective Feedback

The importance of student self-regulation in feedback processes are recapped in this article using teachers practices that have built student autonomy and self-monitoring capacities as part of assessment processes. Read more here.

29 Sep 2015 in Effective Feedback

One of the big determinants of what students do with feedback. Students with a growth mindset (they believe that ability can grow through effort) attend to feedback and put it to work. Students with a fixed mindset (they believe ability is fixed and unchangeable) avoid or ignore feedback. Read more here.

21 Sep 2015 in Effective Feedback

17 Aug 2015 in Effective Feedback

Amsterdam. Professor Brummelman found that praising, especially the wrong sort of praising, might actually be bad for children, especially those with low self-esteem. Similar to Carol Dweck he says "Focus on children's effort and strategies that might help them persist in the face of failure and it might help them seek challenges". Read more here.

22 Jul 2015 in Effective Feedback

The more that school leaders use instructuional leadership frameworks to provide regular, ongoing feedback to all teachers, and to help teachers at all performance levels to improve, the more normal it will feel for teachers to get feedback and use it to improve their practice. Read more here.