14 Dec 2015 in Know Thy Impact

Have we as a school got a clear vision for the purpose of school? If so we can utlise that to ensure what we are 'doing' espouses with our theory of action. Schooling must fit with learners needs so they can have a future. Read more here.

07 Dec 2015 in Know Thy Impact

How often do we unintentionally take away the challenge of learning from our students? We design a great lesson and then have that aha moment afterwards where we realise we had only allowed surface learning to occur. Read more here.

30 Nov 2015 in Know Thy Impact

Students should make the expected rate of progress of at least 0.4 each year. What strategies are you currently ensuring you identify this for each student and adjust the teaching along the way? Read here for ideas.

09 Nov 2015 in Know Thy Impact

"Teacher assessment discriminates against poorer pupils and minorities, and generates significant workload for teachers. Tests are fairer and less burdensome. They deserve a better reputation than they have, and a greater role in our assessment system" says Daisy ChristodoulouRead more here.

02 Nov 2015 in Know Thy Impact

What if students instead came to each course or classroom with a digital backpack of data about their learning levels, preferences, motivations, and personal accomplishments?  Read more about measuring what we value here.

13 Oct 2015 in Know Thy Impact


To learn, students must transfer information from working memory (where it is consciously processed) to long-term memory (where it can be stored and later retrieved). To create visible learners we must teach students how to use the strategies of retrieval, spacing and interleaving at the right time. Read more here.

18 Sep 2015 in Know Thy Impact

How can we tell how effective our professional learning has been? Alex Guedes is researching the benefits that coaching has had especially around a greater refocusing of conversations on learning and teaching in the school and the teacher’s impact in the classroom. Read more here.

17 Sep 2015 in Know Thy Impact

John Hattie’s review of research revealed that enhancing students’ vocabulary has more impact on their subsequent reading comprehension than teaching them phonics, teaching them comprehension strategies or placing them in a Reading Recovery program. Read more from Shaun Killian's post  here.

15 Sep 2015 in Know Thy Impact

John Hattie discusses his latest thoughts on what makes the biggest difference to student learning. He highlights the actions we need to take as educators with the Bedley brothers here.

07 Sep 2015 in Know Thy Impact

The challenge for the busy teacher is first and foremost to remain focused on the pedagogies and practices which actually accelerate pupil progress. The research shows that classrooms have three times more impact on pupil outcomes than anything which happens at whole school level. Read more here.