16 Dec 2014 in Visible Learners

How often do your students disengage from learning because they're scared to be wrong? Emily Diehl, Director, Mindset Works tells a story about what this looks like and share some tips on how to encourage students to take on challenges, risk being wrong, and begin to see "being wrong" as part of a natural process of learning. Read here.

04 Dec 2014 in Visible Learners

Are school hours harming our teenagers’ health? During adolescence, the sleep cycle shifts two hours to allow the body to grow. The American Association of Pediatrics argues that beginning school too early is contributing to teen lethargy, car accidents and depression. Read more here

03 Nov 2014 in Visible Learners

James Nottingham talks about why challenge leads to enhanced learning.  By developing metacognitive skills students are able to recognise when learning is hard similar to being in the pit. More importantly, they can articulate what skills and strategies they need to use to get out of it. Click here to read the analogy of the learning pit.

28 Oct 2014 in Visible Learners

Teacher Ali Parrish shares three ways to help students get into writing that involve audio transcribing. See the article here

28 Oct 2014 in Visible Learners

"The feedback we give children is important - it can encourage and re-enforce mindsets. I use SOLO Taxonomy with 5 year old learners, from their first day at school because it empowers; learners begin to notice 'how' they are learning, and what their next step could be. They can then apply the model to anything they want to (or need to) learn - what an important 'tool' for 'life-long learners' to have!" - Bridget Casse at Edendale Primary School. View full video here.

27 Oct 2014 in Visible Learners

Marcus Conyers  and Donna Wilson challenge us in.this article as they discuss how metacognition (the ability to think about your thoughts with the aim of improving learning) can be learned when it is explicitly taught and practiced across content and social contexts. Read on about how to teach students to be more in charge of their learning. also try:: Brain-Based Teaching

24 Oct 2014 in Visible Learners

Do we underestimate the importance of physical activity during recess? Bryan Toporek outlines the findings of a recent Finland-based study that may help us to rethink the types of physical activity most beneficial to the academic performance of elementary students. Read more here.

21 Oct 2014 in Visible Learners

How do you go from teaching the basics to supporting a group of independent young readers and writers? Here are four tips from reading specialist Nicole Zuerblis that will boost kids' confidence and capability. 

06 Oct 2014 in Visible Learners

Is there a simple way to boost the performance of struggling students? Elizabeth Stein writes about the psychology of encouragement, and the limitations of praising intelligence over hard work, looking into social-emotional learning expert Josh Hendrickson’s work on how mediation exercises can increase a students performance by working on emotional focus as well as academic. Read more here.

02 Oct 2014 in Visible Learners

Can a self-learning app help children in developing countries? Anya Kamenetz looks into a bold challenge by XPRIZE founder Matt Keller to software developers: create a free, open-source and scalable software for use on low-end tables that allows children to teach themselves. Read more here.