12 Feb 2015 in Visible Learners

Angela Stockman covers 6 easy ways to "make learning visible" with tools like sketchbooks, video, audio, photography and displaying student's work in this article.

10 Feb 2015 in Visible Learners

Learning to fail is a key part of the learning process but do we teach our students that it is okay to make mistakes. Terry Heick says "Properly understood, failure can help students see learning as a personal journey rather than a matter of external performance". Read more here.

09 Feb 2015 in Visible Learners

The latest anonymous opinion piece by The Guardian's Secret Teacher argues that preparing for exams discourages independent thought in their students. Read more here

30 Jan 2015 in Visible Learners

Research on the effects of an educational programme that promotes social and emotional learning shows that children as young as 9 years old can benefit from higher test scores when practising mindfulness. Read more here.

28 Jan 2015 in Visible Learners

Art Costa discusses the importance of creating an atmosphere where risk taking is part of the culture and a habit of mind for both teachers and students. The purpose of education has changed. There is more value in buiding the process of learning in students than building content knowledge. This video is a quick summary, watch it here.

28 Jan 2015 in Visible Learners

Donna, a K-5 Math Interventionist shares her experience with "I Can" charts in this blog entry.

26 Jan 2015 in Visible Learners

 How often do your students disengage from learning because they're scared to be wrong? Emily Diehl, Director, K-12 Professional Learning and Curriculum Design, Mindset Works tells a story about what this looks like and share some tips on how to encourage students to take on challenges, risk being wrong, and begin to see "being wrong" as part of a natural process of learning.

21 Jan 2015 in Visible Learners

What if classes were voluntary and children were their own teachers? Peter Gray spent years studying the development of students at Sudbury Valley School, where this astonishing scenario is a reality. See the results here.

15 Jan 2015 in Visible Learners

Which learning techniques are the most effective for improving educational outcomes? John Dunlosky has evaluated the most effective strategies in his research based on psychological science to help struggling students learn. Each learning technique is described in detail with the conditions under which each technique is most successful here.

13 Jan 2015 in Visible Learners

Read this post co-authored by Marcus Conyers who, with Donna Wilson, is co-developer of the M.S. and Ed.S. Brain-Based Teaching to learn more about strategies to get and more importantly keep students attention and effectively screen out distractions. Coupled with understanding keys to social and emotional learning, teachers can help engage their students to improve achievement.