10 Dec 2015 in Visible Learners

"A growth mindset isn't just about effort" says Carol Dweck. "Perhaps the most common misconception is simply equating the growth mindset with effort. Certainly, effort is key for students' achievement, but it's not the only thing". Read more here.

16 Nov 2015 in Visible Learners

Research shows good interaction between teachers and pupils is crucial for learning. A program where students give teachers feedback on their techniques is gaining traction. Read more here.

11 Nov 2015 in Visible Learners

Techhnology has the power to transform formal education and spread informal learning opportunities. Create visible learners in your spaces and foster deep learning. Tom Vander Ark shares his insights and game changers. Read more here.

04 Nov 2015 in Visible Learners

The opportunity to show students that learning is hard and that learning from mistakes will help learners to understand the right strategies to use next time. Read more here. 

02 Nov 2015 in Visible Learners

Metacognition (or thinking about thinking) is the secret to and driving force behind all effective learning. Students need to be able to employ a range of strategies so they can drive their own learning and know what to do when they get stuck. Read more here.


08 Sep 2015 in Visible Learners

Teaching visible learners to understand how to learn is very different than teaching them content. The takeaways for teachers probably start with the role of the student in the learning process: voice, choice, personalization, self-direction, project-based learning, and other low-hanging fruit of current trends in learning. Read more from Terry Heick here.

27 Aug 2015 in Visible Learners

If we expect students to spend more time reading at levels that a truly challenging for them, what, apart from very careful and extremely skilled teaching, do they require? We would all want children to grow as readers — to stretch and to challenge themselve and also can just relax with the familiar and enjoyable. Read more from Daniel Katz here.

20 Aug 2015 in Visible Learners

Edutopia have suggested four protocols to help jump-start a culture of fostering student inquiry that, in turn, fosters questions and ideas. In order to create visible learners we must spark curiousity by teaching them how to question deeply. Read more  here.

13 Aug 2015 in Visible Learners

Making learning visible is enhanced when you apply great pedagogy and think about the why of technology first rather than the what. Read CORE education blog to help clarify your thinking here.

04 Aug 2015 in Visible Learners

Claire Amos from Hobsonville Point Secondary School are developing visible learners by developing student agency-students who are owning their learning. She describes how a sense of ownership and taking responsibility for learning is incorporated into the culture of the school and into the programmes they offer. Watch here.