30 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Donna Beard's project brings history to life for school children in the UK by getting them to send their own letters by carrier pigeon. Read more about how the "Secret Messages" project is giving kids a taste of the past here.

29 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Normal Park Museum Magnet School shares with us the benefits of a unique kind of textbook – the student created travel journal.

26 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Can studying to music help us retain information better? Annie Murphy Paul examines recent studies on the effects of memorizing to music and its potential to aid our recollection. Read more here

24 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Are so-called "digital distractions" brain-candy? Ingfei Chen weighs up Stanford psychologist Walter Mishel's willpower theories against the new digital era. Read her assessment here.

22 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Taking good notes can make all the difference to a student's learning, so why don't we teach them how to be good at it? Vicki Davis at Cool Cat Teacher discusses the Cornell Notes system, visual notetaking and other techniques here.

19 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

 Knowing how to work well in a group is a skill that can be taught. Dr. Maryellen Weimer shares some strategies to make group assignments more effective here.

18 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Digital learning strategies are changing the face of educational systems. Tom Vander Ark looks at the outcomes and design elements of next gen schools and systems here.

18 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Dialogue around educational reform can be full of hot air and empty promises. Matthew DiCarlo argues that real, lasting changes to the education system happens over decades rather than years.

16 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Student progress can be monitored in a number of ways. Homeschool learning is no different. Read here about lessons learned from homeschooling that can translate into the classroom.

15 Sep 2014 in Visible Learners

Gone are the days when using mobile technology in the classroom is a nice-to-have. Today's students expect it. Read the outcome of Pearson's mobile device survey here.