25 Jul 2014 in Visible Learners

In New Zealand, Auckland school children are learning te reo Māori to enhance their cognitive learning and over all student success.

24 Jul 2014 in Visible Learners

Arts Dean Aldemaro Romero Jr. talks with Darryl Coan to discuss the social and intellectual importance of musical knowledge and its relationship to student success.

21 Jul 2014 in Visible Learners

Grant Wiggins asked middle school students what was the most interesting work they were asked to do in class. More than 1400 replies later, here are the most enlightening responses.

18 Jul 2014 in Visible Learners

After Nicholas Provenzano added 20 Time in his classroom, the next step was taking their projects to the stage at a unique TEDxGPSHS event. The outcomes for students were remarkable.

16 Jul 2014 in Visible Learners

The culmination of more than 40 years of research, Professor Graham Nuthall's seminal The Hidden Lives of Learners is a must-read for any educator. In the author's lifetime the significance of his discoveries were widely recognised and continue to be one of the foundation stones of evidence-based quality education. Written with classroom teachers and teachers of teachers in mind, this brief but powerful book is for all those who seek a better understanding of classroom learning.

Buy the book from Amazon here.

16 Jul 2014 in Visible Learners

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