08 Sep 2015 in Visible Learners

Teaching visible learners to understand how to learn is very different than teaching them content. The takeaways for teachers probably start with the role of the student in the learning process: voice, choice, personalization, self-direction, project-based learning, and other low-hanging fruit of current trends in learning. Read more from Terry Heick here.

07 Sep 2015 in Inspired and Passionate Teachers

John Hattie's research shows teacher practice influences behaviour and that the teacher student relationship is at the core. The challenge for school leaders, both those in formal leadership roles and teacher leaders, is to support all teachers in the workplace to develop those attributes that will enable them to manage an environment and will maximise student achievement. Read more here.

07 Sep 2015 in Visible Learning School

Are schools really trying to change or are they just tweaking here and there. Change is no longer a single event to map out and go through, in spite of all the popular change models that lead us to think that way. Read more from the Centre for Creative Leadership here.

07 Sep 2015 in Know Thy Impact

The challenge for the busy teacher is first and foremost to remain focused on the pedagogies and practices which actually accelerate pupil progress. The research shows that classrooms have three times more impact on pupil outcomes than anything which happens at whole school level. Read more here.

01 Sep 2015 in Know Thy Impact

Students should make a years progress for a years' input as measured by an effect size of 0.4. How does your school track the rate of progress each learner makes? Read how one school in Australia has used data walls to track their impact here.

27 Aug 2015 in Know Thy Impact

Transforming education by daring to move from traditional assessment as we have known it for so long takes courage. Read how Lindsay High School has eliminated grades and levels with Performance based grading here.

27 Aug 2015 in Visible Learners

If we expect students to spend more time reading at levels that a truly challenging for them, what, apart from very careful and extremely skilled teaching, do they require? We would all want children to grow as readers — to stretch and to challenge themselve and also can just relax with the familiar and enjoyable. Read more from Daniel Katz here.

25 Aug 2015 in Inspired and Passionate Teachers

What sort of information do you need to help students learn? Teachthought have shared ideas to create smarter, student-centered learning profiles.Read more here.

25 Aug 2015 in Visible Learning for Education Systems

Andy Hargreaves shares how leaders can build trust in this video.  “The first thing a leader has to do is not expect trust from other people, but to model trust themselves—even if initially people look as if they may not deserve it.” Watch it here.

24 Aug 2015 in Inspired and Passionate Teachers

Inspired and passionate teachers provide challenge, build relationships for learning through deliberate acts of changing the culture in the classroom so that students can be in charge of their own learning. Read how teachers enable learner choice and voice here.