02 Nov 2015 in Visible Learners

Metacognition (or thinking about thinking) is the secret to and driving force behind all effective learning. Students need to be able to employ a range of strategies so they can drive their own learning and know what to do when they get stuck. Read more here.


28 Oct 2015 in Effective Feedback

John Hattie lists feedback as one of the most powerful influences for student acheivement. The notion of effective feedback has the potential to double the speed of learning as Dylan Wiliam's research shows is exemplified in this story from a New Zealand classroom. Read more here.

22 Oct 2015 in Visible Learning for Education Systems

Are we preparing young people for their future? Andreas Schleicher tells us that "What counts today are people who are able to apply depth of skill to a progressively widening scope of situations and experiences, who gain new competencies, build new relationships, and assuming new roles".Read more here.


20 Oct 2015 in Visible Learning for Education Systems

Education systems across the globe are looking to redesign education to ensure our children have the right skills for their future. Grant Lichtman discusses new schools as naturally evolving internally consistent ecosystems. Watch it here.

13 Oct 2015 in Know Thy Impact


To learn, students must transfer information from working memory (where it is consciously processed) to long-term memory (where it can be stored and later retrieved). To create visible learners we must teach students how to use the strategies of retrieval, spacing and interleaving at the right time. Read more here.

12 Oct 2015 in Effective Feedback


"Marking matters, its personal says @nataliehscott".  How do we ensure that learners get the same opportunities in each subject enabling them to receive and act upon feedback. Read more here.

12 Oct 2015 in Inspired and Passionate Teachers

If we want our students to blog, connect, and communicate, we must model the skill of effective communication, which will enable our students to successfully find and share their voice with the world. Read how here.

08 Oct 2015 in

Collaboration is the way to learning and twitter is a brilliant resource for student collaboration, both between classes and peer groups and to create global connections. Read more here.

05 Oct 2015 in Visible Learning School

It's essential for principals to view themselves as "lead learners." According to Thomas Hoerr  this doesn't mean they know the most; rather, it means they believe their job is to ensure that good teaching routinely takes place in every classroom. Read more here.

05 Oct 2015 in Effective Feedback

The importance of student self-regulation in feedback processes are recapped in this article using teachers practices that have built student autonomy and self-monitoring capacities as part of assessment processes. Read more here.