07 Dec 2015 in Inspired and Passionate Teachers

In education, the words “achievement” and “progress” are often used interchangeably however, they are very different. Download the Visible Learningplus tool for measuring this here. How do you feel about the progress your students are making? Read more.

07 Dec 2015 in Know Thy Impact

How often do we unintentionally take away the challenge of learning from our students? We design a great lesson and then have that aha moment afterwards where we realise we had only allowed surface learning to occur. Read more here.

04 Dec 2015 in Inspired and Passionate Teachers

Teachers are learning new ways to assess students, offering feedback, rating students on setting and reaching goals, and translating the math and other academic skills used to complete a project into competencies on a report card. Read this alongside the new.curated e-book featuring some of the highlights of John Hattie's previous works here.


30 Nov 2015 in Visible Learning School

The real test of a visible learning school might be to ask all the teachers if they would want to be a student in their school? How are we as a school ensuring students voices count? Read more here.

30 Nov 2015 in Visible Learning School

What can we learn from the nature of gaming that we can transfer into the classrooom for our learners? Teachthought has provided wonderful strategies to enhance learning experiences in the classroom. Read more here.

30 Nov 2015 in Inspired and Passionate Teachers

How often as teachers do we practice what we preach? Inspired and passionate teachers make the difference by challenging students at the level that is right for them. Read more here.

30 Nov 2015 in Know Thy Impact

Students should make the expected rate of progress of at least 0.4 each year. What strategies are you currently ensuring you identify this for each student and adjust the teaching along the way? Read here for ideas.

16 Nov 2015 in Visible Learners

Research shows good interaction between teachers and pupils is crucial for learning. A program where students give teachers feedback on their techniques is gaining traction. Read more here.

13 Nov 2015 in Inspired and Passionate Teachers

Knowing when to use the different learning strategies in the right phase of learning can make a huge difference to developing the skill of visible learners. Note taking used in this example is effective in the surface acquiring stage. What deliberate techniques do we have have for teaching this strategy? Read more here.

11 Nov 2015 in Visible Learning School

 “Students are not seen as voices that can contribute to their education or to the conversation,” demands Andrew Brennan. To what extent do we honour the voices of our students at our place? Read more here.