04 Aug 2015 in Visible Learners

Claire Amos from Hobsonville Point Secondary School are developing visible learners by developing student agency-students who are owning their learning. She describes how a sense of ownership and taking responsibility for learning is incorporated into the culture of the school and into the programmes they offer. Watch here.

04 Aug 2015 in Visible Learning School

As a leader what percentage of time is spent on instructional verses transformational leadership?  There is no doubt that both are important however, the effect on student outcomes favours one type over another. Reflect on how your time was spent last week in your leadership role after viewing this video here.

04 Aug 2015 in Inspired and Passionate Teachers

Change is a prerequisite for improvement. Three things are emphasized― identifying teachers’ strengths, maximizing their potential, and building their capacity―as a gateway to enhanced student achievement. Listen here as Dr. Rod Berger discusses the role reflection plays in ones’ professional development and effectiveness in the classroom with Peter Hall here.

30 Jul 2015 in Visible Learners

Putting the expectations in front of learners keeps them, other adults and the teacher in touch with their current targets. Chris Chivers shares insights into describing and tracking children's learning process by creating active visible learners. Read more here.

22 Jul 2015 in Effective Feedback

The more that school leaders use instructuional leadership frameworks to provide regular, ongoing feedback to all teachers, and to help teachers at all performance levels to improve, the more normal it will feel for teachers to get feedback and use it to improve their practice. Read more here.

22 Jul 2015 in Visible Learning School

Shifting teacher mindsets is the biggest challenge to acheiving school change. Technology is no different. Always start with the why with the teaching conventions and mindsets amongst the staff. Explore four reasons from Ipadwells here.

21 Jul 2015 in Inspired and Passionate Teachers

High grades and test scores are not reliable indicators of resourcefulness.Teachers provide environments that foster resourcefulness when they encourage students to plan, strategize, prioritize, set goals, seek resources, and monitor their progress.Read how here.

21 Jul 2015 in Visible Learners

Developing visible learners who can articulate what they are learning, how they are doing and where to next can be taken to the next stage with technology. Watch this screencast by a Grade Seven student who describes how she is using her personal learning environment here.

20 Jul 2015 in Visible Learning for Education Systems

A new report says the “Increasing Use of Collaborative Learning Approaches” and the “Shift from Students as Consumers to Creators” are mid-term impact trends expected to drive technology use in the next three to five years; meanwhile, “Rethinking How Schools Work” and “Shift to Deeper Learning Approaches” are long-term trends. Read the NMC Horizons report for the key trends identified here.

20 Jul 2015 in Effective Feedback

Annie Murphy Paul  author of Origins and Brilliant: The New Science of Smart discusses four ideas of giving effective feedback, in relation to the feedback model of Hattie and Timperley (2007): Read more here.