29 Jan 2015 in Visible Learning School

In this interview podcast with Dr. Tod Whitaker he discusses his new book on transforming school culture. Hear the interview here.

26 Jan 2015 in Visible Learning School

How do schools create a dynamic sense of community culture and vitality that propels student participation and learning? Eastern Senior High School in Washington has adopted an innovative approach with their ‘Future Project’, which appoints student leaders and staff specifically employed to mentor them.

18 Jan 2015 in Visible Learning School

Teacher professional development today is ineffective if it neither changes teaching practices nor improves student learning. Any professional development initiative must recognize that “teaching is inherently complex and nuanced” and promote the empowerment of teachers via professional learning communities. Read how here.

13 Jan 2015 in Visible Learning School

Are we ready to give students more power in schools and truly utilise student voice. If we think about how much we in schools are still the decision makers how does this challenge our own growth mindsets? Carol Dweck discusses how a school applies a rule of not yet instead of telling a child they have failed. Imagine the power of this to develop growth mindsets so that learners can go beyond passing the next test score and learn to develop resilience by rewarding yet.

08 Jan 2015 in Visible Learning School

Brad Phillips has compiled 10 education trends to watch in 2015 and beyond. Some are existing trends and others are aspirational, challenging us to make 2015 a year of quantum education progress.Read and explore them here.

05 Jan 2015 in Visible Learning School

Getting the right mindset is the key to enabling students to make the most of their learning. The right mindset means that we can raise our expectations even higher in lessons and see students enjoying the challenge. Rebecca Tusingham describes how staff agreed upon some key teacher behaviours in this article here.

11 Dec 2014 in Visible Learning School

The Department of Education has branded "tracking"—designating students for separate educational paths based on their academic performance—as a modern day form of segregation, reports Sonali Kohli. Read more here.

06 Dec 2014 in Visible Learning School

As the new principle of Conte Community School in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, Kerry Light is implementing an innovative programme that focuses on combining community feedback with individual achievement plans for each of her 369 students. Jim Therrien from the Berkshire Eagle checks in with Light on the challenges of running this programme - read more here.

05 Nov 2014 in Visible Learning School

After a tech solution to keep parents in the loop, school records up to date and save on costly paper waste? Terri Czup reports on new technology 'InfoSnap' that's revolutionising the way schools store and update information. Read more here.