11 May 2015 in Visible Learning School

If Abraham Lincoln were to pop back for a visit today would he he find change in schools? As an example imagine selecting from your playlist what you wanted to learn for the day. Read how one school is developing a school with a difference here.

05 May 2015 in Visible Learning School

Founded in 2013 by former Google head of personalization Max Ventilla, AltSchool has poached high level executives from Google and Uber. It’s got users—in this case, parents—applying by the thousands. Issie Lapowsky reports on how this school is changing education. 

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04 May 2015 in Visible Learning School

Professor Geoff Masters  tates that "measuring success at school should be in terms of the progress or growth that students make over the course of a year, regardless of their starting point". Read more here.

21 Apr 2015 in Visible Learning School

While unpredictability and spontaneity can be good things in small doses, too much of them can lead to disorder. Brian Sztabnik helps find the balance. 

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17 Apr 2015 in Visible Learning School

Technology opens up a world of new and exciting tools for students, but it can be ineffective if not integrated correctly. Craig Kemp explains the 4 big mistakes when integrating technology. 

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16 Apr 2015 in Visible Learning School

Why are 1 out of 10 teachers afraid to fail? Peter DeWitt explains. 

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10 Apr 2015 in Visible Learning School

Developing visible learners resilience is vital for them to appreciate that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process. Jackie Gerstein says "How we work to maintain a positive and significant relationship with learners is the most important way to contribute to their resiliency". Read more here.

08 Apr 2015 in Visible Learning School

A new study from Nature Neuroscience suggests that letting go of executive areas of the brain speeds the learning of motor tasks, such as playing an instrument. This has insight for what kind of classroom environment encourages children to learn faster by developing visible learners. Read more here.

07 Apr 2015 in Visible Learning School

Schools according to Yong Zhao, a professor at the University of Oregon’s College of Education need to challenge themselves to cultivate a student's ability to think differently. Read how here.