04 Aug 2015 in Visible Learning School

As a leader what percentage of time is spent on instructional verses transformational leadership?  There is no doubt that both are important however, the effect on student outcomes favours one type over another. Reflect on how your time was spent last week in your leadership role after viewing this video here.

22 Jul 2015 in Visible Learning School

Shifting teacher mindsets is the biggest challenge to acheiving school change. Technology is no different. Always start with the why with the teaching conventions and mindsets amongst the staff. Explore four reasons from Ipadwells here.

15 Jul 2015 in Visible Learning School

Mary Cay-Ricci challenges schools to really find deeper ways to build a growth mindest learning environment beyond the posters, and developing perseverance and resilience and teaching students about the brain. Read more here.

03 Jul 2015 in Visible Learning School

To gain trust in our schools, we have to give up power. George Couros says this enables us to go deeper into our learning which will change the relationship dynamics in the room. Read more here.

16 Jun 2015 in Visible Learning School

To what extent are schools developing a shared language of learning so that parents can play their part in developing visible learners ? Carol Dweck's research suggests that one of the reasons today’s children are less resilient is because of excessive praise from parents. Read more here.

11 Jun 2015 in Visible Learning School

Tony Wagner's book 'Creating Innovaters" challenges us to think about how schools need to change so we can create innovators. The focus on collaboration skills, students being okay learning from mistakes reminds us of the dispositions of a visible learner. Read more from Emma Winda's blog here.

03 Jun 2015 in Visible Learning School

Transforming our education systems in today's world sees many conversations around modern learning environments. Focusing these conversations on the right drivers is essential to ensure we keep the elements and opportunities of learning that are different through such environments. Read more about the common themes that emerge from CORE here.

27 May 2015 in Visible Learning School

Lead with learning not with devices should be the mantra. The technology can never replace teachers debate is forever present. Tom Murray shares questions that should come to mind when you think about your digital strategy? Read more to ensure you are thinking big here.

25 May 2015 in Visible Learning School

How difficult are you finding it to educate children in the face of todays' radical technological and pedagogical progressions? New learning models provide us with news ways to think about how learners access media, how educators define success, and what the roles of immense digital communities should be. Read more from Terry Heick at te@chthought here.