02 Nov 2014 in Visible Learning School

Does the relentless appetite for change in education mean losing sight of timeless lessons? Superintendent David Gamberg appeals to schools to rethink their approach to novelty, arguing that wisdom comes in guises both old and new. Read more here.

19 Oct 2014 in Visible Learning School

Is this a light bulb moment for you? Ben Johnson challenges Principals to really think about what the top three priorities for schools are. 
"If we want students to learn, the most critical element is the teacher. So professional development is the overall most important thing we can do to help students learn."
What about the principal's role in being an active participant? Vivienne Robinson's research on the principal's role in professional learning is relevant here too.

16 Oct 2014 in Visible Learning School

Looking for a fast and effortless way to boost your school's marketing strategy? Anne O'Brien from Learning First Alliance shares a useful set of tips for creating a Facebook presence for your school.

10 Oct 2014 in Visible Learning School

Please find the audio link below for an interview between Ali Mau and Sheryl Ofner – Tuesday Radio Live. Sheryl specifically refers to the research of John Hattie and the work of Visible Learning to inform the changes that have taken place at Selwyn College.

Click here to hear the interview


08 Oct 2014 in Visible Learning School

Gone are the days of drab grey interiors signalling a terrifying trip to the principal's office. Ross Cooper argues that student friendly decor can offer a place of sanctuary and reassurance.

29 Sep 2014 in Visible Learning School

Peter DeWitt offers some practical and simple advice on how to create a more positive, inclusive school environment here.

26 Sep 2014 in Visible Learning School

Irena Barker reports on a grassroots scheme in London encouraging middle-class parents to send their children to local schools here.

25 Sep 2014 in Visible Learning School

Developing a Digital Learning Portfolio culture correctly can provide your school with a valuable resource for years to come. Rudy Blanco writes about his experiences with the Learning Portfolio Project and shares tips for putting together DLPs here.


24 Sep 2014 in Visible Learning School

A school gardening club has developed more quickly than expected in a middle school in Park City, Utah. Read more here.

22 Sep 2014 in Visible Learning School

Mandates from decision makers who are far removed from the classroom can be frustrating for teachers. School leaders must empower teachers to drive change at the classroom level, argues Principal Eric Sheninger here.