22 Jan 2015 in Effective Feedback

Findings from an analysis of 40 high-quality studies which compare different types of student feedback are summarised here.

21 Jan 2015 in Effective Feedback

Schools do use feedback from students but how many use them as part of teacher evaluations? No-one would argue the importance of student voice in relation to finding out about the impact of your teaching. Read how the classroom observation portion of the teacher evaluation system would be a "central issue" for discussion in the Legislature as the state attempts to strengthen the process. Full article here.

05 Jan 2015 in Effective Feedback

 Dylan Wiliam says that no matter how well the feedback is designed, if students do not use the feedback to move their own learning forward, it’s a waste of time. Feedback should be more work for the student than it is for the teacher. Great reminder to read more.

20 Dec 2014 in Effective Feedback

Surprised by how insightful some of your student's feedback can be? Mostly, students are quite constructive, especially when they hear the instructor truly plans to modify their teaching based on the feedback they get. Students will offer constructive feedback, particularly if they know they're being heard. Read how one teacher is modifying what she does here.

24 Nov 2014 in Effective Feedback

The different ways in which feedback can affect teachers’ professional experiences are the topic of the latest Teaching in Focus brief, “Unlocking the potential of teacher feedback”. Indeed, teacher feedback has tremendous potential, with teachers reporting that feedback can have a positive impact on the professional, personal and pedagogical aspects of their work. Read more here.

17 Nov 2014 in Effective Feedback

Through Dylan Wiliam and John Hattie’s work there is a meeting of two great minds. They both champion feedback as one of the most powerful ways of enhancing learning but are also very clear that this is not just any old feedback. Read one way a school has put together a policy for feedback with examples here.

09 Nov 2014 in Effective Feedback

New teacher evaluation systems in Georgia are "too much, too fast", agrees the Coweta County Superintendent. Georgia has requested a one-year waiver on the consequences of student growth on teacher and leader evaluations, allowing educators time to adjust to the new assessment system. Read more here

05 Nov 2014 in Effective Feedback

How does engaging students in a discussion of teaching practice improve their learning outcomes? Katrina Schwartz examines why encouraging students to engage in self-assessment should be a crucial part of education. Read more here

03 Nov 2014 in Effective Feedback

Seeing feedback as a teaching opportunity can help us shift our perspective from correction to collaboration, from merely fixing students' work to moving students forward in their learning.  Troy Hicks suggests many technologies that can help us in the process of providing feedback. Read more here

26 Oct 2014 in Effective Feedback

Robyn Jackson discusses the best ways to give feedback to teachers. Read more and view the video here.