17 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

One of the best ways for students to develop a growth mindset is when they shift their attitude and take ownership of their learning. Jackie Gerstein shares her checklist of questions for students to ask themselves here.

16 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

Teachers come in all ways - rebellious, creative, passionate - so which one are you? The outcomes of the #reflectiveteacher blogging challenge for teachers and the 30-day blogging challenge raised some surprises for teachers. Teach Thought delves into the results here.

12 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

The importance of education technology is on the rise. The question is, how do teachers and schools know what technology to choose over another? Katrina Schwartz sees what's happening to get feedback from students befor making the big decisions.

08 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

Sean CavanaghEducation Week assistant editor, discovers US companies looking to maximise the effectiveness of school surveys.  Read here how fast feedback for teachers is driving change.

05 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

Rosie Neill at Iris Connect summarises the BBC Radio 4 interview where John Hattie spoke to Sarah Montague to unpeel the myths surrounding what aids - and what hinders - overall student achievement.

04 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

Cognitive theories, says Steve Wheeler, apply fluidly to learning theories. Here he discusses Chris Argyris' double loop learning theory to application in classroom teaching and learning.

02 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

Teachers are tasked with ensuring students are confident and pursue success while also understanding where they are at. It may be a clash of the impossible suggests Maryellen Weimer. Here she discusses the teaching reality conundrum.

01 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

Schools are spending in the region of six figures to survey their own students.

29 Aug 2014 in Effective Feedback

Have you ever asked your students about what engages them in the classroom? Teacher Heather Wolpert-Gawron did, and their responses might surprise you.

06 Aug 2014 in Effective Feedback

Teacher Molly from Lucky to be in First shares her favourite math teaching tool, Smart Cookie Math and its accompanying app. Read what she has to say here.