21 Oct 2014 in Effective Feedback

Are children's school reports the final word on their progress, or are they just a list of test and assessment results? Heather Fehring explains what kind of information is most useful to parents in a report, and why.

17 Oct 2014 in Effective Feedback

Studies show that teachers engaging with students’ emotions is an essential part of the teaching process, constituting around half of their workload in class.  Annie Murphy Paul of the Hechinger Report examines the race to computerize the emotional component of teaching.

16 Oct 2014 in Effective Feedback

"Imagine a world in which teachers could analyse the answers given in exam papers not just to find out how much their students have learned, but also to get clues as to why some gave the wrong answers or struggled to understand certain concepts...."

Olivier Dumon looks at how big data could change the educational landscape in Europe. 

15 Oct 2014 in Effective Feedback

Dr John Hattie's research suggesting that smaller class size may have little bearing on student achievement has sparked active and ongoing debate. Colleen Kimmett and Erin Millar look at the argments for and against class size, and Hattie's conclusion that feedback is the most important factor of all.

06 Oct 2014 in Effective Feedback

Is it better to retain critical thinking practices over rote-learned information? A look into Canada’s provincial tests reveals broader information about the most accurate ways to measure a student's academic success here.

30 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

Delivering feedback to the class as a group is an efficient way to use time, but does it really have any effect on students? Dr. Maryellen Weimer reflects that this technique can be productive in the right context.

25 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

How can we best assess the effectiveness of an individual lesson, when only in-class performance rather than learning can be measuredDavid Didau of Learning Spy takes a look at Dylan Williams' five key strategies for embedded formative asessement here.

24 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

Studies show that tutors spend about half their time dealing with students' emotions about what they're learning. Now, computerised tutoring systems are being programmed to detect feelings, and respond to them. Annie Murphy Paul writes about the results here.

22 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

Adpoting next generation / online student assessment platforms can be tricky but rewarding. Principal Steve Kwikkel shares the experience of moving his school to an online assessment model here.

18 Sep 2014 in Effective Feedback

Google Docs can be a great tool for providing students with feedback on their writing in real time. Google Certified Teacher Catlin Tucker shows us her tricks here.