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Welcome to the Visible Learning Team Matrix. This Matrix is required for your next Evidence into Action workshop. The matrix is designed for school leaders and staff to focus on their school processes, to gather meaningful evidence needed to engage in school review and to focus on what makes a difference to student outcomes.

How to fill out the matrix:

Before you continue to fill out the matrix, please make sure the leadership team and/or staff members part of this process, agree on the ratings for all statements. You are only able to submit one combined response! A report cannot be generated for more than one response. Please refer to your Evidence into Action materials for more information about the matrix and the ratings scale. 

You will immediately receive an email confirmation of your submission. We suggest you ensure community@visiblelearningplus.com is accepted by your email filter. This will allow the confirmation to be sent straight to your inbox. If you do not receive a confirmation, please check your spam folder.  If you did not receive a confirmation at all, please re-submit your matrix. 

If you have any queries or experience any issues please email survey@visiblelearningplus.com.

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