School Network Licensing

Ready to bring the Visible Learningplus school change model to your region?

School NetworkThe evidence-based Visible Learningplus school change model can now be delivered within your system by your own school-based facilitators through our School Network Licensing program. This program presents a unique opportunity for schools and networks of schools who are outside of our current to participate in the Visible Learningplus School Impact Process by licensing the materials and certifying a team of trainers from within your organization to deliver the professional learning.

Benefits of joining the School Network Licensing program include:

  • Providing your network of schools with a globally recognized professional learning brand proven to accelerate student learning
  • Ability to ceritfy your staff leaders as Visible Learningplus trainers in your school, along with evidence-based tools and virtual coaching
  • Access to evidence-based Visible Learningplus resource guides, facilitator handbooks, online learning, evaluation, tools, and virtual coaching assistance
  • Building capacity for embedding ongoing professional development for years without the need for outside consultants
  • Eligibility for applying for our program after successfully implementing the Visible Learningplus School Impact Process in your schools
  • Saving time and costs on training materials and receiving exclusive resources and learning that you cannot access anywhere else
  • A world-renowed professional learning plan that will help you focus on what you need most, while providing system-wide improvement

How does it work?

Schools and school networks who qualify for a license will send a pre-determined number of staff leaders to a Corwin-led training to become certified Visible Learningplus trainers. Once staff leaders have successfully completed the Visible Learningplus training, their school(s) will be granted access to the materials, tools, and resources required to deliver the Visible Learningplus School Impact Process over the course of their yearlong (annually renewable) license. 

The School Network Licensing program is best suited for networks of schools that:

  • Are interested in implementing Visible Learningplus but are located outside our
  • Have at least 50 teachers within their school or across their network of schools
  • Are able to purchase materials, surveys, and certifications required
  • Have the minimum number of qualified staff available to become certified facilitators
  • Aim to showcase their achievement and increase enrollment
  • Are committed to the three-year School Impact Process
  • Are unsure if their professional learning is helping teachers positively improve student learning
  • Want to develop student ownership of learning

See if you qualify by applying online today.

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