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What are the Visible Learning School Awards?

The Visible Learningplus School Awards are designed to recognize the progress as well as the achievement of schools and individuals that have made the commitment to implement the Visible Learningplus School Impact Process, use Visible Learning principles in their daily work, and systematically embed them at all levels within the school. 

Associate School AwardPartner School AwardCertified School Award

What are the benefits?

By earning a Visible Learningplus School Award, your organization is immediately recognized as one that has successfully implemented the School Impact Process and Visible Learning principles into your school. This prestigious award demonstrates a commitment to evaluating your impact, effectively creating a sustainable solution for professional learning, and improving the learning of students today and for years to come. Award recipients will earn a special seal to increase your school’s esteem and to show you’re a distinguished Visible Learning-certified school.

How do I know what I’m eligible for?

Eligibility for each of the three School Award levels includes: an assessment process, evidence of impact requirements, and required performance standards. In addition, each school is assessed on the extent to which the Visible Learningplus mindframes are present; whereby leaders, teachers, and students are evaluators of their own impact.

For more information, see Eligibility and Award Details.

How do I apply?

To apply for the School Awards, schools must first assess their progress and demonstrate their impact.

Visit Application Guidelines and Resources for details on application requirements, sample templates for submitting documentation, and further instructions.

To apply, talk with your Senior Professional Learning Advisor or apply online. For additional questions, contact

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